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28-year-old writer, musician, artist, 'superman', and Director of Community here at Newsvine. Talks a lot.

"PLEASE at the bare minimum fill out your Bio with something more substantial so you can be taken more seriously," a user wrote me.

Okay. I went to high school at Garfield High in Seattle, same place as Jimi and Quincy. I went to Goucher College in Baltimore, graduated with a degree in English, concentration Creative Writing, minor in Music. I'm working on a novel, I've made a few albums.

I have a blog you can try to find on your own. I'm in a few bands but am really looking forward to finishing my home studio. I'm not sure what I can do to be taken more seriously other than promise that I take my job seriously and work hard, and hopefully, it shows.

I unabashedly adore this website. [That was a really clunky sentence.]


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